With a Little Help from My Friends

For the past week, I've been writing about 1500 words per day for my book, Saints and Summits, which is based on my last year's bicycle adventure across America. In November and December of last year, I edited the contents of my blog posts, thinking that I'll just combine and format them to make a book. But that would be too easy and would have produced a subpar book. So I decided to spend the end of January and all of February to do a complete rewrite. I will use the blog posts only as a guide. The final book will contain more detailed personal stories, akin to a memoir.

So far, I've written over 10,500 words in a week's time and completed two sections of a twelve section book. I would like to have some feedback from any interested readers so that I can learn from my writing mistakes and make any improvements in the beginning in case I veer off too far. So if you are interested in reading and editing feel free to contact me on Facebook or comment on this blog post. I look forward in hearing from you and thank you for helping me to make my writing better.